Post #3.4, Tuesday, 12-10-2019

Historical setting: 561 C.E. Gaul          “Eve you have asked me to tell you the details of the story of the ‘pagan’ with the ‘dreaded skin disease.’ It did happen in Bethany, so I know the telling of it better than did the other gospels where it was written in different ways. It was aContinue reading “Post #3.4, Tuesday, 12-10-2019”

Post #3.3, Thursday, 12-5-2019

Historical setting: 561 C.E. Gaul          I’m asking Eve who is hiding her face from me, “Does that answer your question? Did you need to know that the stories I know best are written in the Gospel of John?”          “That wasn’t really my question, Papa. I really don’t care about that; but it wasContinue reading “Post #3.3, Thursday, 12-5-2019”

Post #3.2, Wednesday, 12-4-2019

Historical setting: 561 C.E. Gaul          Here I am in the loft and my daughter is hiding her visage from me below harboring a curiosity or maybe a care for a Jesus story. I have stories to tell aplenty, but why would she want to hear it?          “Papa, when we were little children youContinue reading “Post #3.2, Wednesday, 12-4-2019”

Post #3.1, Tuesday, 12-3-2019

Historical setting 561 C.E. Gaul          It was a long journey from Poitiers here to the Liger Valley keeping watch through the night then traveling on most of this day. The donkey is resting in his stall below and I am able to find a fine rest in the straw of this loft. Now someoneContinue reading “Post #3.1, Tuesday, 12-3-2019”

December Chapter, “Stories in the Dark”

Family is always the odds and ends of old friendships sometimes with precisely matched DNA and sometimes only a wide openness to one another’s ethnic tradition: Pagan, Roman, Republican, Islamic, Democrat, Orthodox, Zealot, Heretic …  The chasm of politics and the distances we hurdle to make this all work out so we can simply eatContinue reading “December Chapter, “Stories in the Dark””

Post #2.12, Thursday, 11-28-2019

Historical Setting 561 C.E. Ezra’s story continues. “I had no idea where to search for Enola.  I called her in the dark and of course there was no answer. I asked Colleta to call too so that she would know she was welcome to come back inside and she could stay with us. Colleta calledContinue reading “Post #2.12, Thursday, 11-28-2019”

Post #2.11, Wednesday, 11-27-2019

Historical Setting 561 C.E. Ezra’s telling me this story, but let me comment here. “I can imagine starting a marriage bringing home a sister-in-law who is the known ogre of village gossip. That would be a bit of a challenge for a new bride. I mean, you said your bride had to leave her ownContinue reading “Post #2.11, Wednesday, 11-27-2019”

Post #2.10, Tuesday, 11-26-2019

Historical Setting 561 C.E. Ezra continues his story. “We are only family again because Eve was so patient in bringing me through my selfish thoughts and fears. In my mind I could tell myself the horrific visage was indeed my beautiful little sister, twisted and re-formed by hard pits of pox scars. But were IContinue reading “Post #2.10, Tuesday, 11-26-2019”

Post #2.9, Thursday, 11-21-2019

Historical setting: 561 C.E., Gaul Ezra continues his story.“I was moving all the things of a bride and a dream from my wife’s father’s home in the area of Tours down to my cottage in the Liger valley, and the journey took me right by the garden of the hag.           It were a drearyContinue reading “Post #2.9, Thursday, 11-21-2019”

Post #2.3, Thursday, 11-7-2019

Historical Setting: 561 CE, Gaul “Know I love you Eve. Know you are loved.”          I learned those rich and true words of a parent to child by listening for answers to my own gnarly and riled prayers. In times when I believe the world hates me I unfurl my ugly smudge of self toContinue reading “Post #2.3, Thursday, 11-7-2019”