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J.K. Marlin, blogwright/writer/artist. I am a retired church playwright. When scripted bible playing was put aside by improv and reality video I knew it was time to find a new art form.

The Creative energy driving my fingers over the keyboard these days perks for fiction. So now I am learning to read and write in prose. A new font, “Open Dyslexia” opened my world to reading things in paragraphs so I am no longer limited to reading only dialogue and poetry and drudging through textbooks adding non-stop underlines. In case you or someone you know is dyslexic and literally doesn’t know which way is up I recommend downloading that new font. So I’m new at reading fiction and of course, writing fiction. Though I believe I have found a voice for writing fiction I humbly welcome suggestions. Place your comment at the end of a blog or e-mail me at

More Lazarus Pages: After Ever by j.k. Marlin

Unlike a blog that just goes on and on, the book After Ever is a structured tale with a beginning and an end. In After Ever Lazarus discovers the beauty of a land and a people he had not known of before his fateful shipwreck in the 5th century on the Western coast of Ireland. He falls in love and experiences the farthest stretches of both poverty and wealth, rejection and acceptance. As in the blogsite Lazarus-Ink the unseen, ever-present love of God and the teachings of Jesus shape his perception. (It should be noted this view of history is not described from a particular church’s perspective although it does relate to Christian history.) He hears rumor of the new bishop Patrichus, who seems to be bringing a Jesus sense of pacifism to this island of warriors with its Druids and little kingdoms.

After Ever is the same love story with the omnipresent Spirit of God as St. Patrick’s famous hymn “Faed Fiada” often called “St. Patrick’s Breastplate.”

After Ever, by J.K. Marlin is available as a download in PDF format. After Ever is an unpublished manuscript seeking reader comments. You may request it by e-mail: It is not a published manuscript but I remind that it is still owned — copyrighted. I ask that you do not forward it or quote from it without the author’s written permission. If you want to share it (thank you) but please invite others to e-mail their own requests. Please do not forward this manuscript. If you request it, plan to read it. If you receive it then choose not to read it or not to finish it, please delete the pdf and e-mail me and let me know where you stopped, also if you are willing to share with me — why you stopped. When I send it to you free of charge for you to read I will ask for your comments in return. Your thoughts and comments will be greatly appreciated– even including negative comments which will be accepted respectfully and may require me to learn something new or make revision. — Thank you for your consideration — J.K. Marlin

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The underlying general historical information used in this blog is based on general knowledge and the scholarship of the author, with the use of additional sources which are footnoted in context in a side column in the blog when quoted or referred to specifically.

Unless otherwise noted, the Scripture quotations contained herein are from the New Revised Standard Version Bible, copyright © 1989, by the Division of Christian Education of the National Council of Churches of Christ in the U.S.A. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

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