Post #25.4, Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Historical setting: 588 C.E. Courtyard of Ligugè          I fear our peaceful joy of Creative Spirit eternal in beauty and life may not be perceived as enough to satisfy unquenched longings for earthly wins. Earth and heaven seem further apart. When creeds and mouthed prayers twist and unravel with the sound of a Christian earthlyContinue reading “Post #25.4, Tuesday, October 12, 2021”

Post #24.14, Thursday, Sept. 30, 2021

Historical setting: 584 C.E. Ligugè          Copying a manuscript is a different practice than reading it, so to read the scriptures I do that in its own time.  Here’s this page John Chapter 9. I know this. I’ve seen it happen when I was following Jesus. We came upon a man blind from birth andContinue reading “Post #24.14, Thursday, Sept. 30, 2021”

Post #24.13, Weds, Sept. 29, 2021

Historical setting: 584 C.E. Ligugè          The eulogy offered to King Chilperic I by Gregory of Tours is grim.          Gregory of Tours said of the King, “… in laying waste and burning districts he had no feeling of anguish .. but rather joy; like Nero before him, when he recited tragedies as the palaceContinue reading “Post #24.13, Weds, Sept. 29, 2021”

Post #24.10, Weds., Sept. 22, 2021

Historical setting: 584 C.E. Ligugè          I’m grateful that the chatty stable master delivers dry straw for my mat and he stays with his ax to help me finish tidying the debris of twigs and sticks.  Now after the others have gone he is still helping me weave back my damaged roof. Even in thisContinue reading “Post #24.10, Weds., Sept. 22, 2021”

Post #24.6, Tuesday, Sept. 14, 2021

Historical setting: 584 C.E. Ligugè          With a fine, strong hair for a brush I’m now at an artist’s bench to fill a circle of art on the page of John 1:32. My subject will be a dove landing on the wettened head of my friend and teacher, Jesus. The dove finds respite from theContinue reading “Post #24.6, Tuesday, Sept. 14, 2021”

Post #24.3, Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Historical setting: 584 C.E. Ligugè          In my plea to read the Gospel of John as poetic metaphor and less as literal things of earth I ended up promoted to an artist’s bench. Apparently, my sketch of vining grapes was more beloved than my argument against Trinity. So I’m assigned to illustrate a border circleContinue reading “Post #24.3, Tuesday, September 7, 2021”

Post #24.2, Thursday, September 2, 2021

Historical setting: 584 C.E. Ligugè          We are considering using more art in our copy of the Gospel of John. I make a sketch that doesn’t speak of the currently popular idea of Trinity to let the sketch itself argue the issue. I suggest the room we have on the page for art show theContinue reading “Post #24.2, Thursday, September 2, 2021”

Post #24.1, Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Historical setting: 584 C.E. Ligugè          We are at our work stations in the inks instructed to slow-walk the copying of John’s Gospel because there is no next assignment waiting. We will use more art and smaller letters to take up our time. But I fear art is so definitive and this Gospel of John,Continue reading “Post #24.1, Wednesday, September 1, 2021”

Post #23.13, Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Historical setting: 584 C.E. Ligugè          Leave wide margins in John he says, so the artists will have plenty of space. And what will artists do with all that plenty? Will they simply make everything of God as three somethings?          My sister Mary, a beloved first follower of Jesus never imagined the Gospel wouldContinue reading “Post #23.13, Tuesday, August 31, 2021”

Post #23.5, Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Historical setting: 584 C.E. Ligugè          “We don’t have to hurry,” August explains, “the bread is rising, and the meal is eggs which will cook quickly as everyone is gathering at the boards.”          We break each egg and beat it into the froth as Brother August shares another bit of Brother Joel’s wisdom.         Continue reading “Post #23.5, Wednesday, August 11, 2021”