Post #25.10, Tues., October 26, 2021

Historical setting: 588 C.E.          An autumn wind brushes through the patch of rosemary wafting with the scent of broken stems setting a storm onto our patch of sky then drenching rain. With Eve’s house in ash there is no shelter. We are all, however we grieve, soaking in shared rain.          The soft grayContinue reading “Post #25.10, Tues., October 26, 2021”

Post #5.11 Ash Wednesday, February 26

Historical Setting: 562 C.E. “Oh No! Please. These ashes are sacred.”          A tidily attired aristocratic youth struts with the flourish of an elder’s authority; or maybe it is simply the pomp of naive privilege. His accent and manor are conspicuously Frankish.          “So you are young George, the one concerned over these ashes? I’mContinue reading “Post #5.11 Ash Wednesday, February 26”

Post #5.9, Thursday, February 20, 2020

Historical Setting, 562 C.E. Gaul Closer yet to Tours now I pass the rock heap marking the plague pit. It is yet untouched since I found my way beyond this, outside these walls beyond the holy cremation of sanctuary, smothered under memorials of wilted flowers, heaped with remembered stench of plague and death, pagan andContinue reading “Post #5.9, Thursday, February 20, 2020”