#41.11, Thurs., Feb. 23, 2023

Historical setting: 590 C.E. Cottage between Annegray and Luxeuil          “Bringing a new bird now.” That was the message that arrived today on the leg of one of our birds.  We had sent a message to Annegray that the boys arrived safely but we had not heard back, nor had we received the visitors weContinue reading “#41.11, Thurs., Feb. 23, 2023”

#39.6 Weds., Dec. 14, 2022

Historical setting: 589 C.E. Luxeuil          The old Roman baths at Luxeuil, like the well I found behind our cottage, had been nearly hidden in overgrown vines and scrubby trees sprouting on tiny stems between the immovable Roman stones. Stems of saplings, fed by the sun above and the waters of earth became an untendedContinue reading “#39.6 Weds., Dec. 14, 2022”

#39.5, Tues., Dec. 13, 2022

Historical setting: 589 C.E. the path to Luxeuil          Wearing winter fleeces now, I make my way down the hill coaxing the mules through the drifts of snow on the zig-zag path, down, down to the hard-frozen creek bed. The wind is nearly at my back, sending snow dancing in swirls and twirls of outContinue reading “#39.5, Tues., Dec. 13, 2022”

#37.10, Tues., Oct. 25, 2022

Historical setting: 589 C.E. Traveling to Châlons          So now we are a great procession of cow, donkey and cart, followed by four fully armored servants of the Bishop of Rome on fine horses, all laden with swords and shields and horse covers of rich silks, prepared to deliver a message to the king ofContinue reading “#37.10, Tues., Oct. 25, 2022”