Post #2.10, Tuesday, 11-26-2019

Historical Setting 561 C.E. Ezra continues his story. “We are only family again because Eve was so patient in bringing me through my selfish thoughts and fears. In my mind I could tell myself the horrific visage was indeed my beautiful little sister, twisted and re-formed by hard pits of pox scars. But were IContinue reading “Post #2.10, Tuesday, 11-26-2019”

Post #2.8, Wednesday, 11-20-2019

Historical Setting: 561 C.E., Gaul “How did you find her?” I asked Ezra.          “It is a long ride.” He observed, “So I will make a long story of the short one.          “When I was first tending vineyards near Tours I started my search for her. That was near where we were taken toContinue reading “Post #2.8, Wednesday, 11-20-2019”