Post #26.3, Thurs., Nov. 4, 2021

Historical setting: 588 C.E. by the fire of Samhain          Dear God, what do you make of this spiritual milieu? Is it alright that we make borders around our prayers and pray only to the facet of Spirit each of us already claims? Are we of one spirit despite our differences? But if we areContinue reading “Post #26.3, Thurs., Nov. 4, 2021”

Post #25.9, Thurs., October 21, 2021

Historical setting: 588 C.E. leaving Ligugè          We leave after morning matins. The rising golden sun, the alleluias of our lauds, even the early songs of the birds rising from the trees for their autumn pilgrimage – it all seems out of place in my own grieving.           Riding at an easy gait the youngContinue reading “Post #25.9, Thurs., October 21, 2021”

Post #25.6, Thurs., October 14, 2021

Historical setting: 588 C.E. The courtyard of Ligugè          The abbot comes to me, grim faced with my old tunic and cowl across his arms, and on top of my once familiar clothing is a sword.          “Brother Lazarus, a messenger has arrived from the vineyards on the Loire. They are calling all of theContinue reading “Post #25.6, Thurs., October 14, 2021”