Post #23.11, Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Historical setting: 584 C.E. Ligugè          Our guest, the wine merchant, leaves after breakfast. Odd it may be that this other guest of Ligugè, who I am, waiting for my assignment makes such a warm farewell of his leaving. I’m glad my family is so near that he may come here from time to timeContinue reading “Post #23.11, Wednesday, August 25, 2021”

Post #23.3, Thursday, August 5, 2021

Historical setting: 584 C.E. Ligugè          The abbot is allowing me to stay here and work in the scriptorium to copy from Eve’s book as long as I follow the rule of this abbey. Having been here before I know the daily patterns they keep. But the abbot doesn’t remember me.                  He argues, “No,Continue reading “Post #23.3, Thursday, August 5, 2021”

Post #17.4, Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Historical setting: 564 C.E. The Gaul Side of the Pyrenees          August investigates the deeper of the caves in the steep bank of the river. He takes a lit lamp and the alms the villager gave. Now Nic and I have been waiting here, and August emerges with only an empty earthen water jar.         Continue reading “Post #17.4, Tuesday, February 9, 2021”

Post #16.11, Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Historical setting: 6th Century A Small Village in Southeastern Gaul          We’ve stopped in this small village to for the night’s. The priest recognizes August even with the hood that covers his face. Their warm greeting includes the introduction of us fellow travelers. Then the priest takes a long ponder in awe at the stoneContinue reading “Post #16.11, Wednesday, January 27, 2021”

Post #15.14, Weds., December 30, 2020

Historical setting: 6th Century C.E. Somewhere in the Pyrenees          We are here for a few days at this place where sandstone is sculpted into statuary, awaiting transportation for the sculpture of Mary and her baby. Nic paid a healthy sum to this man, Antton, to take this Christian work as a gift to theContinue reading “Post #15.14, Weds., December 30, 2020”

Post #15.13, Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Historical setting: 6th Century C.E. Somewhere in the Pyrenees          We’re guests at this place where statuary is carved from the quarried sandstone. Most of these works are icons for pagan ritual. But here amid the cacophony of Roman talisman is also a carving in a Christian theme of a common woman of Galilee withContinue reading “Post #15.13, Tuesday, December 29, 2020”