#40.8, Weds., Jan. 18, 2023

Historical setting: 590 C.E. The church in the woods          Mater Doe watches me explore this sanctuary with the same eye she watches over the birds searching seeds outside the window.          I see this Roman statue of Diana looking very much like the goddess of the hunt our visitors mentioned. This is a deeplyContinue reading “#40.8, Weds., Jan. 18, 2023”

Post #17.5, Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Historical setting: 6th Century Gaul          The monk we have found in his cave near death whispers to us of “thin places.” What does this mean? Explanations of thin places are only spoken through whispers as poetry.          One preaches of the thin places she noticed in a story of Elijah. She said, “Sometime youContinue reading “Post #17.5, Wednesday, February 10, 2021”