Post #7.13, Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Historical setting: A dark age in Gaul, probably 462 C.E.          I beg the doctor. “Please let me go alone for my prayers.”          “Lazarus, my boy, you know the dangers of walking alone into the woods.”          “So you think Nantes has its woods filled with robbers wielding dead tree stalks for clubs, waitingContinue reading “Post #7.13, Wednesday, April 29, 2020”

Post #6.13, Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Historical setting: 562 C.E. Gaul          Now I set out on my walk as George returns to his cell in the monastery to await his horsemen with their weapons. He tells me when I see him next he will be Gregory, Bishop of Tours. Gregory will be his new priestly name and his aspiration isContinue reading “Post #6.13, Tuesday, March 31, 2020”