Post #11.9, Thursday, August 20, 2020

Historical setting: 563 C.E. On the Road in Galeacia “If it wasn’t sex and it wasn’t disobedience what was it that went wrong in the garden that eventually led to the deadly heresy that took the full ‘Gospel of John’ to dispel?” Nic asks, nudging more holy yammer.          And I fall right in. “Well,Continue reading “Post #11.9, Thursday, August 20, 2020”

Post #5.2, Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Historical Setting, 562 C.E. Gaul “So, Colleta, you fear I’m excusing evil by speaking a possibility that Jesse might not have burned down the church? In truth I’m simply withholding my judgment while I wonder at the possibility that the fire could’ve simply been carelessness. How can we choose a culprit and judge an actContinue reading “Post #5.2, Wednesday, February 5, 2020”