#42.7, Weds., March 15, 2023

Historical setting: 602 C.E. On the path to Luxeuil          Gabe and Greg passed along stories from Charlie, our neighbor, who is now a hunter in these woods.  I had a guess these were the king’s hunting grounds, but in his old age I’d never known him to hunt here. Now my boys are callingContinue reading “#42.7, Weds., March 15, 2023”

#42.6, Tues., March 14, 2023

Historical setting: 602 C.E. On the way to Luxeuil          Today we walk toward Luxeuil with nothing but our fleeces for bed and a loaf of bread and wedge of cheese for the sharing. We are barely halfway to Luxeuil when the boys suggest we stop and eat the bread and cheese because they areContinue reading “#42.6, Tues., March 14, 2023”

#35.6, Thurs., August 11, 2022

Historical setting: 589 C.E. King Guntram’s castle in Châlons Father Felix is working hand-in-hand with the King’s men to build a monastery here in Châlons.          I’m starting to understand the pieces of power here, so maybe I should congratulate young Felix for elevation to a would-be bishop if the king could only give thatContinue reading “#35.6, Thurs., August 11, 2022”

#35.5, Weds., August 10, 2022

Historical setting: 589 C.E. King Guntram’s castle in Châlons          At the King’s meeting we are discussing the complaints from bishops regarding Father Columbanus.          Apparently Fr. Felix, the Priest of Châlons, is a defender and follower of Columbanus. I can see that if kings chose bishops, Felix would definitely be the bishop who isContinue reading “#35.5, Weds., August 10, 2022”

Post #35.3, Thurs., Aug. 4, 2022

Historical setting: 589 C.E. Châlons          This morning I deliver Father Columbanus’s message to Father Felix a bit hesitantly, asking him for whom it might have been intended. Even though it is addressed to “The Bishop of Châlons” he opens it and glances over the letter while we wait; then he explains to us thatContinue reading “Post #35.3, Thurs., Aug. 4, 2022”

Post #34.9, Thurs., July 21, 2022

Historical setting: 589 C.E. Reims to Châlons          I know Bishop Gregory is not one to use his high ecclesiastical office to make political accusations, but in his secular writings, like the “History of the Franks” for example, he might float rumors supporting his own grudges. All these twisty tales of kings and bishops settlingContinue reading “Post #34.9, Thurs., July 21, 2022”