Post #13.10, Thursday, October 22, 2020

Historical setting: Remembering the First Century, Jerusalem          Nic is still listening to my ancient family story. And I am still telling it.          “While my father, known as Simon, worked in the marketplace at the Temple porticos he contracted an illness, probably a pox, spreading among the foreign merchants in those days. He calledContinue reading “Post #13.10, Thursday, October 22, 2020”

Post #13.9, Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Historical setting: Remembering the First Century, Bethany          I mentioned the Gospel of Luke used our family as characters in stories, but that author didn’t even know us.           Nic says, “I did notice there was that part in Luke where your sisters squabbled and Jesus got in the middle of it. And of courseContinue reading “Post #13.9, Wednesday, October 21, 2020”

Post #13.8, Tuesday, October 20, 2020*

Historical setting: Remembering the First Century (*Looking for this post on Tuesday? Saving words digitally is clearly not as reliable as was once an ancient clay pot with papyrus scrolls stashed in a cave. Lazarus-Ink will be back on schedule this week.)          Nic and I have set the conversation between us on my childhood Continue reading “Post #13.8, Tuesday, October 20, 2020*”