Post #33.14, Thurs., June 30, 2022

Historical setting: 589 C.E. Ana’s cottage in the Vosges Mts.          The Lenten pilgrims reported to their bishops that Father Columbanus, while true to the creed, allows, and in fact, supports some contrary practices. The complaints seem not about spiritual practices, but more about external details. The Irish tonsure, shaven clean across the top ofContinue reading “Post #33.14, Thurs., June 30, 2022”

Post #6.3, Thursday, March 5, 2020

Historical setting: 562 C.E. Ancient Tours of Gaul Outside the monastery walls are those caves where I’ve come for long months of healing. Ascetics, seeking solace in hermitage come to these caves for lifetimes of prayer and fasting. I was here healing from death of plague most recently. Then two centuries before I came upContinue reading “Post #6.3, Thursday, March 5, 2020”