Post #10.14, Thursday, July 30, 2020

Historical setting: 563 CE, in sight of Iberia          Nic asks, “So which version of God assigned me to be a patron to a scrambled minded Jew? I wonder. Am I stuck with you because God teaches us by using fierce and horrific punishments for all my innocent years of listening to a heretic priest,Continue reading “Post #10.14, Thursday, July 30, 2020”

Post #8.1, Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Historical setting: A dark age on the Saxony Shore of Gaul          God knows I’m thankful for glimpses into memory of a wife and for the gentle thoughts of touches — the warmth of earthly breath and fragrance — all these remembrances of love shared. I know earth’s metaphors speak a truth of so manyContinue reading “Post #8.1, Tuesday, May 5, 2020”

Post #6.3, Thursday, March 5, 2020

Historical setting: 562 C.E. Ancient Tours of Gaul Outside the monastery walls are those caves where I’ve come for long months of healing. Ascetics, seeking solace in hermitage come to these caves for lifetimes of prayer and fasting. I was here healing from death of plague most recently. Then two centuries before I came upContinue reading “Post #6.3, Thursday, March 5, 2020”

Post #3.12, Thursday, December 26, 2019

Historical setting: 561 C.E. Gaul Thank you God for giggles of children, for beauty shining through old pox. Thank you God, for riches of life and for family to share in all of this.  Amen.           Echoing through imagination is the dark tune of the Jesus birth with all its angels, the bold star andContinue reading “Post #3.12, Thursday, December 26, 2019”

Post #3.7, Tuesday, 12-17-2019

Historical setting: 561 C.E. Gaul The first winter snows are a blank slate for new projects and for following fresh rabbit tracks to find the tastiest roots and leaves most hidden.          Ezra and I felled a solid tree and from that I honed boards for table and benches. It is raw and warping fromContinue reading “Post #3.7, Tuesday, 12-17-2019”

Post #3.5, Wednesday, 12-11-2019

Historical setting: 561 C.E. Gaul “Papa, are you telling me that it was your own father who was the Pharisee with the dreaded skin disease?”          “Yes, it was my father who, just like you, had the scars from the pox. The priests of the temple would not declare him clean even though he wasContinue reading “Post #3.5, Wednesday, 12-11-2019”

Post #3.4, Tuesday, 12-10-2019

Historical setting: 561 C.E. Gaul          “Eve you have asked me to tell you the details of the story of the ‘pagan’ with the ‘dreaded skin disease.’ It did happen in Bethany, so I know the telling of it better than did the other gospels where it was written in different ways. It was aContinue reading “Post #3.4, Tuesday, 12-10-2019”

Post #3.3, Thursday, 12-5-2019

Historical setting: 561 C.E. Gaul          I’m asking Eve who is hiding her face from me, “Does that answer your question? Did you need to know that the stories I know best are written in the Gospel of John?”          “That wasn’t really my question, Papa. I really don’t care about that; but it wasContinue reading “Post #3.3, Thursday, 12-5-2019”

Post #2.6, Thursday, 11-14-2019

Historical setting, 561 C.E., Gaul “Yes, my son, this has been a very long journey for you.”          “A day it has been and into night and now it will be that back to day again.”          “If the donkey is tired you must be exhausted.  Let’s stop by the river and rest. I’ll takeContinue reading “Post #2.6, Thursday, 11-14-2019”

(10-31-19 post 1.9) October Chapter – “Scars” Set in 561 C.E. Gaul

Surely it is hard for my son to understand my strange circumstances of healing even though it would seem a good thing to find one another again after we each expected the other’s death. But of course, it isn’t as sweet and simple as it would seem.           All of us living people seem toContinue reading “(10-31-19 post 1.9) October Chapter – “Scars” Set in 561 C.E. Gaul”